Nanoscience and Nanometrology

Aims and Scope

Nanoscience and Nanometrology (ISSN Online: 2472-3630, ISSN Print: 2472-3622) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal devoted to advancements in all the metrological aspects related to nanoscience and nanotechnology. In particular, the journal is published twice a year and it is open to all the issues connected to both theoretical and experimental aspects of metrology at the nanometer scale, from new methodologies for the quantitative characterization of nanomaterials, to new results in fields of characterization of nanomaterials and realization of nanometrological standards, which represent a key issue for making possible a successful technological transfer of nanotechnology.

The topics related to this journal include but are not limited to:

  • Innovative methodologies for the quantitative characterization of physical and chemical parameters of nanomaterials based, for instance, on scanning probe, electron, ions, and X-rays microscopy, spectroscopy, and diffraction
  • Presentation of innovative studies reporting new results in the characterization of nanomaterials and nanosystems
  • Divulgation of good laboratory practice and traceability in nanoscale metrology
  • Extension and standardization of methodologies for multifunctional characterization of nanomaterials at the nanometer scale
  • Definition and realization of standards for nanometer scale characterizations

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